IMPORTANT: If you haven't updated since August, 2016, you must uninstall the old Beta version. Sorry for the inconvenience. On Windows, go to "Add or delete programs" and uninstall the old Habi Makeover Beta before installing this new one. You won't lose any information.

Refresh this page to be sure you have the latest. This version expires December 30, 2020. The version is 2.00b16. There should be an updated one soon.

Habi Makeover Beta install v2.00beta16

The app allows you to work with items from downloaded SPP Lite Habitat files. You can also save your items into an inventory folder on your computer and you can send your latest creation to your profile page on the Habi Makeover Community site.

To install this application you will need the Adobe Flash Player

Important notes

New features in 2.00beta16

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New features in 1.08beta06

Manual installation, if necessary

You should be able to install the program using the "Install now" on the "install button" above. If the automatic installation above isn't working for you, be sure you have installed Adobe AIR, then right-click and save the following file, then manually install it by double-clicking the file where you saved it:

Installation notes

You will receive a warning similar to the following:

The installer warns that you should only install from sources that you trust. As long as you have downloaded or installed from, you should feel confident that the program is perfectly safe for your computer.

At some point, you may also receive a warning from any firewall program that you have. In my computer, I use ZoneAlarm, so I got one like this:

The program needs to access the Internet (both sending and receiving) in order to work properly, so you should allow this access. It needs these permissions in order to verify your user number and PIN, to send finished habitats to the website, and to access the item name lookup function. It also needs to be able to start SPP Lite and you may get a warning about that.

If you are getting an error message saying "Installer file is damaged" try turning off your anti-virus program temporarily. If the problem is not solved by that, follow the steps on the following page: What to do if you are getting a "File is damaged" error.